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25 Years Celebration Medal
25 Years Celebration Medal

Pepo La Tumaini

About Us

Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani

Established in 1994 by Khadija Rama who watched her brothers die of AIDS. We are We are registered as a charitable trust in Kenya, and as a charity in the UK with governance provided by our trustees who meet with us four times a year including an on-site AGM in Isiolo with the entire team. In Kenya, our steering committee provides programme oversight and expertise across the different departments. We work with 35 full-time employees prioritising diversity, inclusion and safeguarding for staff and beneficiaries. We acknowledge with thanks our partners and supporters.

Our People
Our Community - Who We Are

Our Beginnings

In 1994, Isiolo was a desolate, outback town, experiencing some of its most violent tribal clashes. In response to the spread of HIV, a group of women came together to spread messages of hope for those who were abandoned and banished from society. Among them was Pepo La Tumaini founder, Khadija Rama. Initially, Khadija and the women supported people with AIDS during the final stages of their illness so they could die with peace and dignity. As the ostracised community grew, the nutritional and emotional needs of the ailing became greater – Khadija led marches and protests through town, with the sick in wheelbarrows, demanding soap, and blankets from the nearest government hospital.

Mud Huts - Who We Are

In 1996, the ‘forgotten’ community built their first group structure – the mud hut clinic to serve those in need of intensive care. In 1998 the project formally registered as a community-based organisation in Kenya and began collaborating with other aid and government bodies to address the needs of the population and stall the transmission of HIV. Over the years, more buildings and permanent community structures arose, all built by those that live here, to meet the many social and economic problems stemming from the HIV pandemic.

Our African Visionary

From the age of 24, Khadija Omar Rama led an immediate and very personal response to care for people living with HIV/AIDS who had been abandoned by their families and ostracised by the community. Her efforts have been acclaimed both nationally and internationally by CNN Anchor Christianne Amanpour and the Kenyan Government.  Khadija received Woman of the Year award from United Nations Kenya in 2005 and Kenyan Head of State’s Commendation and Title of Honour in 2006 for her outstanding contribution to peace and reconciliation. In 2011 she was nominated as one of six women in Kenya for the Humanitarian Award marking her long-standing efforts in fighting against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Isiolo.

“I started a dream for people and life, and now the realisation of that dream is being accomplished by so many others reaching out in their communities to realise the dream of restoring human dignity.”

Khadija Omar Rama - Founder

Khadija Rama


Executive Director

Sarah has worked with marginalised groups in the UK, including refugees, prisoners and people living with HIV. She has worked extensively with indigenous communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, partnering with international humanitarian agencies. In 2009, Sarah started volunteering at Pepo La Tumaini and has been Executive Director for the last 10 years. As the UK and Kenyan trustee, she is instrumental in fundraising, managing funds and providing transparent accountability to our stakeholders and donors. 

Experience Working With Children

Sarah is registered with the UK Professional Standards Authority and has 15 years of experience working with children and adults. Through the Art For Life programme, she enables children and adults to identify and access inner resources, developing resilience to stimulate growth and change. Sarah integrates expressive arts and play therapy to build children’s confidence, resilience, optimism, and identity. She is currently developing her work around community-based justice systems for children and young people at the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge University.

Sarah Kruger

Sarah Kruger

Executive Director

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Our Partners

International Partners

Our international and local partnerships give us unique opportunities to learn and grow, connecting us to like-minded organisations that challenge and inspire us. They have shown unwavering support during the pandemic, championing African-founded, African-based, and African-led organisations, that continue to disproportionately face sharp funding inequalities. Thanks to the generosity of individual friends around the globe, we have been able to continue providing crucial holistic support for under-served, youth, families and communities.

Local & National Partners