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25 Years Celebration Medal
25 Years Celebration Medal


The Wind of Hope in the Desert’ is a locally led, community-based organisation based in Isiolo, Kenya. We build community integration and empower people to lead self-sufficient, healthy and dignified lives with reduced vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and poverty.
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The Wind of Hope in the Desert has been a keystone of the community in Isiolo for over 25 years.

We build community ownership and leadership by providing volunteer opportunities and employment to our beneficiaries.

Outcomes include improved mental health well-being and a reduction in domestic violence.

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Pepo La Tumaini Insights
Christiane Amanpour - Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani

Christiane Amanpour

“Since 2004 when I first found Pepo La Tumaini in Kenya, to this day, I am amazed by the sheer force for good this small organisation has become. First, it was only Khadja and her one-woman campaign to save the children whose parents were dying from HIV-AIDS. Now it’s grown into a community powerhouse that deserves all our support. Tumaini stands between these children and the street.”

Christiane Amanpour

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Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani