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25 Years Celebration Medal
25 Years Celebration Medal


2022 Celebration of African Visionaries

2022 Celebration of African Visionaries

Throwback to the first #AfricanVisionaryFellowship graduation in 2018, smiles courtesy of the fantastic leaders of Segal Family Foundation partners @raysofhopemw and @pepolatumaini. In September, our very own African Visionary Khadija Rama will be joining more #AfricanVisionaryFellows in New York at the 2022 Celebration of African Visionaries. This will then be followed by the OC2022 Conference in the Dominican Republic for impact leaders who create change for global poverty and injustice.

Pepo La Tumaini has been partnering with Segal Family Foundation for the last 5 years, uplifting our capacity to stand at the forefront of development with marginalised communities in Kenya. We feel proud to stand among the profile of Segal Partners, all doing incredible humanitarian work in Sub Saharan Africa. We are grateful to Segal Foundation for connecting us to an international community of changemakers, funders and visionaries.

Sustaining Progress and Change in An Election Year for Kenya

In this year of elections and political uncertainty, we are doing our best to secure peace across our communities. We are aware that any conflict will have a knock-on effect on the rest of our programming. The current economic climate is of great concern, as the cost of living continues to increase dramatically. We are partnering with the Ministry of Education to impliment the new national curriculum changes in our school. The changes in the education system will transform our Tumaini Senior School into a Junior Secondary School. This will require an extra class, which will create additional cost implications.

As part of the 2022 Celebration of African Visionaries we are reaching out to new partners to help us. We are aware of the impact this year is likely to have on our timeline. Especially now as we continue to work in an extended period of uncertainty. This increases our need for flexibility and adjustable timelines. We are looking forward to the upcoming OC conference in DRC and networking events in NYC. We hope to forge new partnerships with funders who support our grass-roots approach. It is our aim to continue creating community-based solutions for poverty and injustice in Kenya.

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Christiane Amanpour - Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani

Christiane Amanpour

CNN, Chief International Anchor

“Since 2004 when I first found Pepo La Tumaini in Kenya, to this day, I am amazed by the sheer force for good this small organisation has become. First, it was only Khadja and her one-woman campaign to save the children whose parents were dying from HIV-AIDS. Now it’s grown into a community powerhouse that deserves all our support. Tumaini stands between these children and the street.”

Christiane Amanpour