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25 Years Celebration Medal
25 Years Celebration Medal


We are proud of our continuing relationship with our alumni, who send us news of their progress, share their achievements, and contribute to our school. Since the inception of Tumaini Senior School, we have worked with over 2000 vulnerable children, many of whom return to us during their time off or drop back to us when things don’t work out. As part of building the sustainability of our organisation, we continue to provide direct mentorship to 5% of our alumni.

Phabian Amollo

Phabian Amollo

Phabian Amollo, graduate from Tumaini Senior School in 2010 is currently at university completing his final year of BSC Nursing. “I am always grateful to Pepo for the high-quality education and vocational training I received, along with all my basic needs being catered for and all the love, care and support from all the great staff. Thank you to everyone involved who helps to make a Pepo a place, where children like myself can call home.”

Salat & Yassin

Tumaini Senior School Graduates Salat & Yassin from Pioneers graduating class of 2012. Now young men and fathers, who work as painters and decorators in Mombasa. Tumaini Senior not only builds lasting friendships but instils a meaningful creative work ethic that impacts the lives of our alumni in more ways than one. Both boys were victims of abandonment, losing their parents and being exposed to street life from a young age. They are now fulfilling their responsibilities for their own families, while looking out for the younger generation and making referrals to our school for other young boys who share their story.


Bilaal joined Tumaini Senior School in 2015, he lacked adult care and supervision at household level in Kibera the largest slum in Kenya and East Africa. Without a family to call his own, Tumaini became his home and he claimed his talent for music alongside his classmates, performing at the schools national music festival competitions. He is now a young man writing and recording his own music in Nairobi.


Betty was rescued in 2016 and given a safe haven to call home. She was able to recover and complete her primary school education. With renewed resilience, she is now self-reliant and working in Nairobi.


Winnicate has recently graduated from secondary school and is training to become a teacher.


Saalim graduated from Tumaini Senior School in 2018 and is now training as a security guard at Sirikoi Lodge in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. He returns to the programme during his breaks and works alongside Tumaini Senior School pupils sharing experiences and being a positive role model for our future pioneers.

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Christiane Amanpour - Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani

Christiane Amanpour

CNN, Chief International Anchor

“Since 2004 when I first found Pepo La Tumaini in Kenya, to this day, I am amazed by the sheer force for good this small organisation has become. First, it was only Khadja and her one-woman campaign to save the children whose parents were dying from HIV-AIDS. Now it’s grown into a community powerhouse that deserves all our support. Tumaini stands between these children and the street.”

Christiane Amanpour